The hot fusion tape machine

The hot fusion tape machine

Model No.︰Fujida-H980

Brand Name︰The heat melts the machine equipments

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 5960 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The Fuji da reaches the card:Fujida- H980 type, the hot breeze sews to seal completely a characteristics of the machine computer
1:Automatic control of temperature, the stability make, temperature motion ± 1.
2:Adopt the Japanese home computer chip of original package, can request to weave the distance according to the customer, the whole machine is control by the micro-computer, operate in brief, the function stability.
3:According to the work request enactment, all of the micro-computer make to move the control to tread into the electrical engineering to work, can control( send to take the length, tiny back the length, take the tail length) its accuracy within the scope of 0.2 mms/ s, is the logic electric circuit of in lieu of new article.
4:A chain of top and bottom round spreads to move synchronously, repairing automatically falsely, reduce to press to take the blank, assurance product quantity.
5:Have fever to take care of the structure independently, the independent breeze machine provides the breeze, in no way of water and the oil.
6:The PLC numeral shows the screen plastics switch key.
7:Can don't cease work to make continuously for 24 hours, the efficiency is a common machine of 3.500%.
8:Gather the advantage of domestic and international various machine, the features design matches the human body to learn, operating the convenient comfort.
9:The auto is tiny to back the function, the exaltation product quantity.
10:Shear to take automatically, send to take, take the tail to complete automatically, reduce the material to exhaust.
11:Strengthen a rule joint structure, super big operation space.
12:This machine  adoption CPU and tread into the electrical engineering, the common machine  usage direct current electrical engineering, be the electricity to change to press, the direct current motor speed also comes after the change, but the time system initial value is constant, but result in tape burn out, take the tail length dissimilarity, as a result cause the cloth leaking, usage CPU and tread into the electrical engineering to then have no this trouble.
This series product is the appropriation take, defends the cold, the feather rong to take in the rains and winds dress, tent, tent, watertightness, diving suit, fish the trousers, voyage take, waterproof knapsack, waterproof gloves, the waterproof shoe an etc. product of waterproof processing up.
The my plant equipments all adopts the Japanese mu dragon electricity piece of Europe, Taiwan is second virtuous and polite move the piece, with guarantee the quantity of the equipments.The my plant equipments has the operation simple, function stability, maintain the convenience, price cheapness etc. characteristics.Become numerous new choices that the watertightness products to produce the factory house of domestic.
* The my plant equipments operation simple, usage convenience, need one person to was train by a hour to explain in detail only then up gang operation;
* The my plant can supply various specification PVC, PU, rubber, three a tape of the layer cloths;
* The special specification have fever the tube, gum round and roll the round and can order to do, the net wen , inclined wen can choose freely.

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