The mouth-muffle takes the machine\ the eyeshade takes to weld the machine

The mouth-muffle takes the machine\ the eyeshade takes to weld the machine

Model No.︰Fujida-80

Brand Name︰Fuji da

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2350 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The Fuji da reaches the card eyeshade to take the welding\ the mouth-muffle takes to weld the machine\ the bra takes to weld the machine

 A, basic function and characteristics:


(1)          Did not sew a special ultra sound equipments that rounds the text chest and has no fang  cloth profession product to produce to process but design the manufacturing just for, this equipments is to pass the ultra sound heating and special sex steel system molding tools after add to press can to carry on and did not sew a win the chicken heart after round the text chest hurtle before slice,;Carry on the back the hook, the shoulder welding and mouth-muffle profession, the hand bag profession...etc. carry on the trademark han jie print, diverse function of the lead-in welding etc..


(2)            Process don't emit smoke, don't hurt the cloth edge, but attain the ideal result.Was hurtle to slice or the underwear edge weld behind does not take off the side, don't rise to stab, not burnt, don't harden, still keep the cloth originally possessed softness, have no harm to the human body skin.


(3)           This machine of is easily accurate to a structure  design operation.


(4)             Replace the molding tool very simple, adjust the mold to adopt three fulcrums to regulate the way easy simple.


(5)            The whole set that this machine adoption import changes the ability equipments, even increasing the work or service lifes.And is a work frequency that adopts the 20 KHzs, hurt to the human body in no way, is a kind of new environmental protection machine equipments.


Two, basic parameter:


(1)Input the power supply;220V 50Hz-60Hz   


(2)The work electric current:10A(MAX)


(3)The work frequency:20KHz


(4)The work power:1500W          


(4)The work air pressure:2-4 kgs/ cm2


Three, apply the material:


The chemistry synthesizes the strong cloth of wei or implies to turn to knit the blend cloth etc.;


Four, apply the product:


The bra take, shoulder supporter, shoulder, carry on the back to button up to take, the mouth-muffle take, the ear  zai take, the pants, the swim suit ﹑ has no fang  calico sack wan hand to take and environmental protection shopping bag etc..

Ultra sound machine equipments︰ 4000

The Yasini has no to sew the underwear series︰ 12

The Fujida reaches the bottom steel molding tool︰ 240

Ultra sound Christmas festival gift︰ 1

The clothing assists to anticipate - flower slice/ lace︰ 0.63

Trademark/ very hot gold︰ 1.3