Special lace zipper

Special lace zipper

Model No.︰Fuji da-33

Brand Name︰Fuji da

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.65 / M

Minimum Order︰5000 M

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Product Description

 Our Fuji da reaches the department profession manufacturing ultra sound machinery equipment series:Underneath also establish the ultra sound to process the production line at the same time:Be applicable to process various special lace zipper, waterproof zipper, various each kind of the lace metals zipper and nylon zipper, gum tooth lace zipper, environmental protection shopping bag, toy decoration lace, handicraft product lace, clothing lace, various nylon  zipper lace...etc. are all ultra sounds to keep press out, the result does not need a the needle is a glimmer of and then can sew up, fish out and press the flower, silk of Lei , single layer cloth or many layers  cloth nature to sew up.

   Accept various apply the product to process, welcome the large factory to come to make to order and beat the plank, at the same time welcome your visit!

Ultra sound machine equipments︰ 4000

The Yasini has no to sew the underwear series︰ 12

The Fujida reaches the bottom steel molding tool︰ 240

Ultra sound Christmas festival gift︰ 1

The clothing assists to anticipate - flower slice/ lace︰ 0.63

Trademark/ very hot gold︰ 1.3

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