Electric voltage pillowcase

Electric voltage pillowcase

Model No.︰Fujida-M31

Brand Name︰Fujida

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.35 / pc

Minimum Order︰5000 pc

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Product Description

Electric voltage pillowcase:Our company is in addition to the manufacturing ultra sound.Another is underneath to establish the ultra sound to process the production line, all of the product result processes are a lead-in to sew up.The meaning is to say that do not need one needle a glimmer of.Advanced lead-in the equipments future life that adopts our company produce, arrive the finished product result and did not sew from the semi-processed goods.Take delivery of goods the quick price real benefit also practical.The thus not only increment  product external appearance is good-looking to adopt this kind of way production to replace the sewing machine operation to even let factory inside the overseas like, also environmental protection.Note even can repeat the usage to clean easily to open the lie not easily.The electric voltage has no the fang cloth pillowcase deeply be subjected to the Europe and America nation, nation of Southeast Asia, China HongKong-Macau the businessman of the mesa area fancy with make track for the stick!

Ultra sound machine equipments︰ 4000

The Yasini has no to sew the underwear series︰ 12

The Fujida reaches the bottom steel molding tool︰ 240

Ultra sound Christmas festival gift︰ 1

The clothing assists to anticipate - flower slice/ lace︰ 0.63

Trademark/ very hot gold︰ 1.3

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