Lace zipper

Lace zipper

Model No.︰Fujia--K998

Brand Name︰Fujia--K998

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.75 / M

Minimum Order︰5000 M

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Product Description

The Fuji-da reaches the lace decoration company is a profession to produce to process:The business enterprise of the lace zipper.3# nylon tooth,5# nylon tooth,7# nylon tooth,8# nylon tooth etc. various model number zipper;3# copper tooth,5# copper tooth,7# copper tooth,8# copper tooth etc. various lace creation of model number zipper.This kind of zipper is to use our company  specialized machinery equipment creation, the lace does not rise the hair side, criticize the feng , not harm the soft degree of cloth, keep the characteristic that the zipper cloth side originally have.Welcome the new old customer comes to talk over with to talk about business!~

Ultra sound machine equipments︰ 4000

The Yasini has no to sew the underwear series︰ 12

The Fujida reaches the bottom steel molding tool︰ 240

Ultra sound Christmas festival gift︰ 1

The clothing assists to anticipate - flower slice/ lace︰ 0.63

Trademark/ very hot gold︰ 1.3

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