Ultra sound text chest shoulder welding machine

Ultra sound text  chest shoulder  welding machine

Model No.︰Fujida-090688

Brand Name︰Fuji-da

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3200 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Reach the text chest  shoulder welding machine of the ultra sound company manufacturing from the Fuji-da exclusively write an article chest factory, the underwear factory but design and produce.Its function diversification, mainly can weld the text chest shoulder and weld the text chest to carry on the back to button up to take, carry on the back to button up, the shoulder button up;A the piece round the text chest and did not sew the lead-ins, such as text chest and the body beauty underwear...etc. to sew up, combine the technical equipments;At the same time can also for did not sew the text chest to fix to slice the chicken heart position.Is international to lead the technical ultra sound equipments currently, is also currently to produce to did not sew the text chest, a head that round the text chest, magic text chest and dids not sew the pants, the body beauty underwear lead-in to sew up to choose the machine equipments at home and abroad

Ultra sound machine equipments︰ 4000

The Yasini has no to sew the underwear series︰ 12

The Fujida reaches the bottom steel molding tool︰ 240

Ultra sound Christmas festival gift︰ 1

The clothing assists to anticipate - flower slice/ lace︰ 0.63

Trademark/ very hot gold︰ 1.3

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