Spend a slice of already set machine

Spend a slice of already set machine

Model No.︰FUJIDA-240型

Brand Name︰FUJIDA

Country of Origin︰China

Minimum Order︰-

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Product Description

Product brief introduction:
A, basic parameter:
1, the importation power supply:220V
2, give or get an electric shock the hot power:500W
3, the work plank size:200mm*160mm
4, machine size:440mm*350mm*430mm
5, the machine is total and heavy:45Kg
Two, apply the scope:
1, the already set of the clothing assistance material( HUA PIAN4, lace, decoration, HUA SHI4 DENG3) with correct.
2, the special material of the craft gift insets the function.

Three, apply the cloth:
The chemistry synthesizes to knit the fiber cloth or imply to turn to knit the blend cloth, the chemistry thin film, for example:1 Nilong cloth;2 Cloth;3 Weaving;4 T/ R cloth;5 especially many dragon cloth( poiyesterbu cloth); 6 Cloth of gold; 7 Many layer cloth;8 color D cloths;9 The cloth of dilun and various stick to match but become of pour the film paper etc.