The Fujida reaches the ultra sound lace decoration company:Is the subsidiary that the cosmos Fuji of Shenzhen City reaches the machine equipments limited company to expect to descend, is China to make the professional business enterprise of the ultra sound equipments currently:Gather the development, the manufacturing produce, sale and the after-sales service integral whole of business enterprise.The profession produces to process:Ultra sound underwear lace, clothing lace, assist to anticipate the lace, hairpin lace HUA PIAN4, toy lace HUA PIAN4, Christmas decoration accessories and have no fang cloth environmental protection bag, the ABS plastics welding;Very hot gold of high cycle electric voltage bag, PP bag box, PVC bag box, APET bag box, the hand bag;The profession produces the Christmas decoration colourful take, knit to take, the magic stick, covered with gold foil the side, side of kao take;Thing lace, curtain lace, sauna dress on the cabaret/ coffee parlor  dining table cloth  lace creation, bed;The medical science/ hospital  appropriation surgical operation dress and mouth-muffle, lead-ins sew up the sportswear mai head, lead-in to sew up the trademark etc..
  The Fuji reach the aim of the company is:Make people the center, science and technology navigate;The quality is top-grade, the service is top-grade! The Fuji reach the principle of management of the company is:The quality go to excellent, the customer is highest, serving to go to first. The Fuji reach the company conviction is:Because professional worthy of trust!
The feeling please land the following Web address: Http:// the Http:// the E- mail: sz- QQ:597618816 MSN:The gd-   alibaba trustworthiness an ID : szfujida:The dragon gang District of Shenzhen City the Yugoslavia allied troops are the third industry area toward silver road No.30.Contact the telephone/ fax:0755-28903080 or cellular phone:13760151455 Mr. Liaos,18926594419 Ms. Lius.



   Fujida reaches the sign supersonic wave seamless underwear machine is the underwear profession special purpose equipment. May carry on side cuting flower, the gong through the careful design's supersonic wave mold to the different underwear cotton material to be spatial, side the flower bud silk, embosses and so on. Simultaneously may the monolayer or the multi-layered cotton material carries on the automatic agglutination special effect! Like (clothing lace, seamless underwear, magic bra, seamless underpants and so on) !

This chart is uses this company supersonic wave to suture machine the equipment wireless, the operation environmental protection shopping bag week thin edge sutures the graphical representation. Details discussion.

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  • 86-755-28903080
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